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Herbal Medicine & Culinary Decadence

Brio Coffeeworks
Specialty Roaster & Coffee Bar

Spoonful Herbals
Backyard Herbs for Vibrant Health

For People Who Also Smoke Weed

NU Chocolat
Handcrafted Chocolates Made in the Swiss Tradition

Rose Los Angeles
Ingredient-Driven Turkish Delights

The Maison Française that Elevates Your Rituals

Deep Mountain Maple
Wood-Fired Maple Syrups Bottled on the Farm

Baked In Vermont Pipe Company
Artisan Ceramic Pipes & Coffee Mugs

Anima Mundi Herbals
Ancient Remedies for the Modern World

KA! Empathogenics
Next-Gen Empathogens

Crispy Chili

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We swore we’d never use a three ring binder for our menu, but here we are.

It is soooo much easier to navigate than our previous clipboard version, which was only supposed to get us through the first week! Two and a half month’s later….

Thanks for sticking with us as we evolve. 😀

Our online menu is always up and chock full of info on our website. Did you know that you can pre-order online for express pick up?

Link in bio. No direct sales. 21+ only.

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Bringing mushrooms into your total solar eclipse experience?

Make it a good trip.

Know your dose.

The @miraculixlab psilocybin QTest is the world’s first scientifically validated do-it-yourself test kit for measuring psilocybin concentrations.

Determine the potency of a batch of dried fungal material in minutes.

Knowledge = empowerment.

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The April Meditation Challenge @laughingriveryoga has begun!

The goal of the challenge is to help you jumpstart a daily practice, build community, raise the collective vibration, and maintain an anchor of steadiness as we sail through Spring.

It’s free and online from 7-7:15am, Mon-Fri all month long.

Keep track of your meditations! Meditators who log 15+ sessions can register to win a @laughingriveryoga water bottle and 50% off a workshop of their choice. Awesome! We’ll sweeten the incentive…bring your completed tracker into the shop in May and receive a one time 20% discount on apothecary goods. A little 💎 for those that read to the end.

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Hey there! Bridget here…

We are about to launch our High Fidelity newsletter!

What to expect? Producer profiles, product highlights, our Cherry Street Picks, links to our latest podcast episodes & blogs and recommendations for food, drink and recreational activities.

Anyone who signs up between 3/30-4/1 will be entered into a raffle for the contents of this basket! Sorry, you don’t get the basket because it is my childhood 🐇 basket. ☺️

A $115 value including some of our favorite producers:

Stay tuned! Link in bio to sign up on our website. Winner contacted via email on 4/2. No purchase necessary. Must be 21 to enter.

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Our functional beverage selection just got deeper, like deep ocean mineral deep.

For real. 

@drinkguinep is a Burlington-based beverage brought to you by the aromatic masters @aliceandthemagician.

What are deep ocean minerals you might ask? They are naturally occurring dissolved minerals in the ocean water below 662 meters…the deep ocean is where life emerged.

What does this matter to you?

These minerals have a number of mood and health benefits. While each person will have their own unique experience, common responses are relaxation without sedation and improved cognitive function.

They also help keep you hydrated, which is important for baseline health, and especially important in setting the stage for a positive cannabis experience, making @drinkguinep a perfect pairing for your next sesh.

Grab a cold one next time you’re in!

#luckyyou #burlingtonvt #modernapothecary #functionalbeverages #alcoholfreelife #vermont #healthyhydration #deepoceanminerals🌊 #nadrinks #sobercurious #inspirationforyourrecreation
dog walker:

1. A person who takes their dog or someone else’s dog for a walk.

2. A short pre-roll for a short sesh, possibly while walking a dog. 

We get asked frequently so thought we’d share. 🐶

#luckyyou #burlingtonvt #modernsmokingessentials #dogwalker #vermont #luckypuppy #ritualflower #inspirationforyourrecreation #espresso #art #sesh

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