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We are High Fidelity 

We believe that cannabis, as part of the complete herbal apothecary, can be a gateway to explore optimal health.

We advocate for equitable access to plant and mushroom medicines.

We work to create a supportive environment to help you navigate the products and services in emerging, legal marketplaces.

We partner with local, complementary health practitioners to educate on a holistic approach to wellness. 

We revel in and promote the work of regional artists, acknowledging that self expression and creativity are critical to a joyful life.

We are proud members of VBSR, a statewide, nonprofit business association with a mission to leverage the power of business for positive social and environmental impact. 

About our Featured Artists

Part of our High Fidelity brand commitment is to support and celebrate the arts​; ​one way that we do this is to feature artists’ works on our website. The artists will change over time, much like a gallery. We’re starting with Confluence, a project involving three photographic artists, two of whom (Shayne Lyn​n & Olaf Willoughby) are members of our creative crew.

The images were created by Shayne, Olaf & Ramya Reddy in Bangalore, across three continents using multiple exposures on the same rolls of film. The result of this synchronicity is a fine art project of intriguing layered photographs and haiku poetry. We present some of those images here. We hope you enjoy them.

Our Creative Crew

The people behind the craft and in the community.

Bridget Conry

Bridget Conry

Bridget Conry is an herbal practitioner, educator, advocate and entrepreneur based in Burlington, VT. She is the host of the High Fidelity Podcast and editor of For the Record, the High Fidelity blog.

Olaf Willoughby

Olaf Willoughby

Olaf Willoughby is a marketer, photographer, writer, and educator living in London. His background is working in international marketing and consumer research, managing his own consultancy for over two decades. Olaf has been a director of High Fidelity since its beginnings in 2015 providing general business and marketing expertise.

Shayne Lynn

Shayne Lynn is a born and raised Vermont artist and entrepreneur. In 2011 Shayne founded Champlain Valley Dispensary, the first medical cannabis dispensary in Vermont. In 2015, Shayne created Ceres Natural Remedies, Vermont’s first CBD store. Ceres went on to create trētap CBD, the country’s first CBD-infused beverage made from organic tree water. Shayne has always loved cameras and film to take photographs of everything and nothing.

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