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Holiday High Gift Guide

High Fidelity Gift Guide

It is holiday gift guide time! 🤦🏻‍♀️Yeah, we know how you feel. A lot of noise to cut through and so many emails to delete! High Fidelity is here to help. Read on for our curated list of items to gift the flower enthusiast in your life….and maybe a little something for yourself. You deserve it.

We always like to ask, paper or pipe? There are so many options now for the modern smoker. We look for practical, stylish, and unique tools for sparking up. Here are some of our favorite brands and pieces in each category plus a few options to set the stage for a positive cannabis experience. And it just so happens that they are all women-owned.

Baked in Vermont Pipe Company is one of the coolest ceramic pipe companies around. Shelly Hall and Chris Hudson, self proclaimed Crazy Cat Ladies and members of the queer and trans communities, throw down in Isle La Motte, VT. Each piece is handmade and decorated with a mixture of vintage English decals and hand printed images. They are durable and can be cleaned like glass. With so many whimsical options, you’ll have fun choosing the perfect gift. Check out the Rise & Shine Sets for those that like to wake and bake. And who can refuse the Bowie Chillum?

Yew Yew, by Jenny Wichman, makes modern designed, functional glassware for the cannabis connoisseur as well as complementary grinders and stash bags. We ❤️ the shapes and colors of her pipes, bongs and ashtrays. They come in both transparent and milk glass options, including a cow print for those that are into that sort of thing 🐮. This season, Yew Yew has put together four Holiday Kits that any flower enthusiast would love to add to their collection. The Adventure Mode Kit is particularly eye-catching, and you get to choose the color combo; we’ll take the Stash Bag in turmeric, the Solo Pipe in amber and the Cloud Grinder in ceramic sky, please.

Papers + Ink is a female led collective of creators that produce accessories and tools for the sophisticated smoker. On their website you will find a variety of products that will delight anyone on your “nice list”. For us, the printed papers are really rocking; these are for the roller that likes to stand out in a crowd. Choose from a variety of themes such as Retro VibesWanderlust, and Animal Prints. Take comfort in the fact that these papers are good for humans and the environment. Papers + Ink uses only organic unbleached papers, natural arabic gum (as an adhesive) and non-toxic, food grade, vegetable-based inks. We also highly recommend their lighters, which are windproof, flameless, fuel-less and usb rechargeable. Perfect for the consumer who enjoys the great outdoors.

Sibelley. Give a little fancy this year with a Little Lady J joint holder from this LA based glass blower. We have been following her work for years now. Some of it is mind-blowing. She does custom work and jewelry too. These joint holders elevate the smoking experience, think 1920s flapper and you are good to go. Choose the 5mm opening size for mini Js or the 8mm for fatties. Each piece is made to order, so expect a two week lead time for production.

Higher Etiquette, a Guide to the World of Cannabis, from Dispensaries to Dinner Parties by Lizzie Post. Maybe you have a friend or family member that is trying cannabis for the first time this year? This book is an excellent resource for the dos and don’ts of cannabis consumption. The broad range of topics include ,“The Basics of Any Session”, “Roommates and Reefer”, “Weed & Work”, and “Hosting Your Ganja Guests”. No matter the situation, Lizzie reminds us that the foundations of cannabis etiquette are respect, generosity, gratitude and sharing. Words to live by.

Barbari, by Valarie Sakota and Meryl Montgomery, creates herbal smoking blends that allow you to “own your elevation”. We are fans of rolling cannabis with other flowers and herbs in order to control both the effect and intensity of the experience. Think of this as a spliff made with herbs instead of tobacco. Barbari offers three different blends to suit your mood, all made from organic, food-grade herbs: Airplane Mode for that chill vibe, Car Sex for arousal, and Muse to clear the mind for creativity. Each blend can also be consumed as a tea or burned as an incense, providing three ways to enjoy each product: smoke, sip and smolder!

Finally, nothing sets the stage for a happening sesh like a good candle. Candles create ambience, and if scented, an aromascape that sets the mood. Three Buds Apothecary in Waitsfield, VT is our go to source. Jenn Whittingham and Andrea Cox produce beautifully scented, hand poured, vegan soy wax candles in a variety of reusable vessels. We particularly like the custom ceramic pieces which feature collaborations with independent artists. Bonus! The core blends come in black glass jars with wooden lids that serve as perfect stash jars after you have fully enjoyed your candles.

Happy High Holidays from High Fidelity!

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